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Surrogacy for Gay Couples, Singles and HIV Positive Parents


Gateway Surrogacy is proud to welcome gay couples and singles looking to start a family. Over 40% of our gay surrogacy clientele are same-sex couples from the US and around the world.

Our Gay Surrogacy Services Include, But Not Limited To:

  • Obtaining a surrogate mother
  • Obtaining an egg donor and sperm donor if needed
  • Acting as your liaison with all the associated service providers
  • Managing the surrogate and all related medical procedures
  • Obtaining the birth certificate in your name(s)
  • Obtaining the passport and other legal documents

Our caring staff will guide you toward your goal of becoming a parent, regardless of your sexual orientation or relationship status. Our passion is to help you fulfill your dreams, and we strongly believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to become a parent.

Our team will work with you to answer all your questions and make you feel comfortable about your decision.

Surrogacy for HIV Positive:

At Gateway Surrogacy, we assist people with HIV to create their families and become parents through utilizing the latest advances in Assisted Reproductive Technologies and the special technique of sperm washing. We are proud to be one of the agencies in the field to offer surrogacy and egg donation service to people in need. We take every step possible to ensure the safety and health of a child and surrogate mother.

We are happy to provide the following programs (with sperm washing) to HIV-positive intended fathers:

  • Surrogacy
  • Surrogacy + Egg Donation
  • IVF for HIV negative partner + Egg Donation
  • Surrogacy with frozen embryos
  • In order to ensure safety our surrogate mothers and the future child, all intended parents goes extensive health screening process.

We ask HIV-positive intended parents:

  • To present medical record documenting at least six months of a viral load
  • Be willing to undergo complete infectious disease screening process

Since the procedure is performed at a specially equipped and highly skilled facility to manage HIV-positive patients, the surrogacy package fee for HIV-positive patients differs from the standard one. Contact us to find more information about this package

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